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Joining one of Charlie's sessions was probably one of the best decisions i have ever made. Not only is Charlie very knowledgeable and highly professional, she is also very instinctive about what is best for you and your capabilities. With her encouragement and support, my progress with pilates has been amazing leaving me pain free from severe neck and lower back pain.

Barry, UK

I highly recommend Charlie. She’s an amazing Pilates teacher and tailors her classes to her clients needs. She goes above and beyond in her support, I recently hurt my back and she supported me with exercises and stretches to assist with getting me back to normal. She’s fab!

Millie, HR

Charlie is a wonderful very knowledgeable instructor. she teaches you how to isolate those muscles you didn't even know you had and tailor makes classes to suit whatever needs you may have. Lovely happy personality also, always a pleasure to do her class and when you finished you always feel like youve had a good workout too!


Jane, Barbados


Charlie is a fantastic teacher and really thinks about the client’s needs. I have started doing the zoom sessions during lockdown as my body and especially my back was struggling with all the sitting. I have had 3 sessions and already see a massive improvement and release of tension. She has increased my mobility and decreased the pain.

Natalie, Marketing 

Before I started pilates I couldn't even lift my arms above my head without my back muscles taking the brunt of the work...I could feel an obvious gap between my abdominal muscles and I knew if I continued like that I would have suffered with long term back pain! Within a few weeks I was already noticing a difference, and now I am 9 months postpartum and stronger than ever! Charlie is an amazing teacher who can look at your stance during an exercise and immediately know if something needs correction ting. She is kind and attentive and best of all - she is ALWAYS smiling! 

Rachel, Mum

I absolutely love Charlies sessions! I have various issues (as we all do!) with knees and back and neck. Each lesson Charlie asks about how your body on that day - always remembering previous issues you have discussed, which amazes me! Often Charlie will ask if there is anything particular that I want to focus on.. be that 'opening up our hips' and 'shoulder releases' or something else! Its show true experience and thorough knowledge of a teacher to tailor a class specifically for students needs when they tell you at the start of the class.. it really is remarkable! The classes always flow, with options given for each level of experience within pilates. I am never looking at the clock thinking 'when is this over' as I do with many other classes, be that because they might be boring, or unsuitable. All of the classes are varied interesting and really work all the muscles! I can't do high impact now, but doing pilates 3-4 times a week is really toning and shaping my body, whilst building stability within my core and calming my mind at the same time. I couldn't recommend these sessions any more. Charlie is friendly and welcoming and very personable.. giving in-class guidance to each student, improving our technique and in turn what we get out of the session. I'll see you in class tomorrow of course!!! :-)

Jade, Business Owner 

Having struggled with unexplained back and shoulder pain for months, in a couple of sessions I was able to understand the possible cause of my pain and just a few weeks later, I've noticed a massive difference. Charlie really knows her stuff and with great attention to detail. Made to feel welcome, supported and encouraged since my very session, both my physical and mental wellbeing have greatly improved and that's truly amazing - Thank you Charlie!

Leyhana, Teacher 

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