Pilates Ring

Pilates Ring

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Pilates Power Ring with cushioned pads


    Pilates ring 39cm

    The Pilates Ring has a diameter of 39cm and fits well into the hands with its two ergonomically shaped, padded handles

    Exercises with the Pilates Ring can help you strengthen the arm, shoulder, chest, abdominal, thigh and buttocks muscles

    Features and Specifications:

    For a toned body: The intense work-out with the 39cm diameter Pilates Ring involves the entire body. You gain stability and coordination skills while strengthening your and toning your muscles

    The Pilates Ring:

    • Net Weight: 300g
    • Black
    • Diameter: 39cm

    Resistance training with the Pilates Ring

    Training with the Pilates Ring requires little space and is extremely effective due to the counter pressure principle In doing so, you tense the body and at the same time work against the resistance of the ring with various exercises The controlled execution and the correct posture significantly contribute to maximum body tension and the intensity of this training

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