A message from the Wellbeing Pilates Co-Owner, Natalie


My intention is to create a safe space for everyone.

I focus on technique and alignment so your body can get the most out of the our session.

My classes are not designed as a one size fits all and I give power to my students to listen to their body.

My goal is that you walk out after your session feeling stronger and happier within your own skin.


BASI Comprehensive Pilates Training Program - Studio Equipment & Mat Pilates

BASI Pilates Pregnancy & Beyond

200hr Vinyasa Yoga

200hr Hatha Yoga

Diploma in Meditation

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner

Hi Everyone,


My name is Natalie Jameson and I would love to share a few things about myself and how I became involved with Wellbeing Pilates.


To give you a back story - I am originally from Sydney so as you can imagine a healthy lifestyle is encouraged from a really young age. We would be outside until the early hours of the evening either running around or playing sports. Mum put my sister and I in dancing from about 4 years old and I truely believe this is where my passion for movement began.


After travelling and working around the world I finally found myself in London in March of 2015 - bright eyed and not quite sure what I had got myself into. Years later and a few qualifications under my belt I am now currently teaching Pilates and Yoga fulltime.


To be apart of the Wellbeing journey is an honour to say the least and I’m so excited to share what Charlie and I love the most about the industry. What I would like to achieve on this platform is that you feel your absolute best version of yourself regardless of what size or shape you are, to be completely content in your own skin.

Teaching for me is so much more than aesthetic goals - my true passion lies in helping, supporting and giving back to people and you will see this through our online classes.


During my classes I want you to be empowered by what is within YOU, and I’m so grateful to be apart of that process. Do what feels good for you and watch the magic unfold.


I can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Nat x