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Hi, I’m Charlie

Certified Pilates Instructor.  

I have been practicing Pilates since I was 17 yrs old, then when I trained as a Pilates teacher, I was one of the youngest teachers to qualify in the UK. I've been so grateful to work alongside some of the most incredible teachers and mentors in the world who have helped me grow not only as a teacher but as a person. 


Wellbeing Pilates

At Wellbeing Pilates, we believe living a healthy lifestyle not only begins with maintaining a strong and flexible body but feeling more confident on and off the mat! Our aim is to help you identify your goals, whether its rehabbing an injury, correcting postural issues to helping you develop your overall strength and flexibility. We are here to help guide you through every exercise, every workout. Charlie has been teaching for over 6 years and achieved great results! She works mainly with private clients either online or on a face to face basis. 

During your session with Charlie, you will learn about your body, recognise the issues and learn hoe to keep exercising and healthy at your own optimal level. The experience you gain throughout these sessions will help you to implement this into your everyday routine. 

Benefits of Pilates

Your core strength will improve, it doesn’t always mean a flat tummy but it certainly can give you a smaller waist, stronger abdominals and your core and back will be stronger. Having a stronger core strength will improve not only abdominals and pelvic floor which leads to a better sex life!! What is the core but tummy back and pelvic floor we rely on these more than you think – working your deep abdominal muscles to give you a better foundation like a trees roots. You will have less tightness and pain- when you have a strong core your neck and shoulders and lower back can relax.

You will improve the tone of your muscles as Pilates wont over develop some areas more than others and each movement lengthens the muscles, Pilates focuses on core strength improving strength and balanced muscle development with flexibility and more mobility. Long lean muscles using eccentric contractions – lengthening not on the contraction like a bicep curl but the return phase i.e. lowering your leg.

Your Balance will improve, better balance prevents you falling try and balance on one leg if you wobble you need to improve it.

You may also have Weight loss with Pilates and aerobic activity as well as better body circulation.

The exercises will isolate or focus on one or a few muscles at a time i.e. your bottom or one leg this will stop your dominate side taking over -as it may when you walk/ run or work. Your body will learn to isolate a muscle and therefore your body and muscles will be more balanced so no pain down one side if you over it, or as you get older people tend to lean working the weak side will stop this. So relevant for rehab after injury and athletes and all ages – we adapt the exercise for different levels and give modifications so classes tailored to all. As you will focus on the movement the body and mind will work together more.

Pilates breathing will help you focus and relax the mind – it will improve your circulation stimulates the spine and muscles you will sleep better and learn to relax when stressed as we run such business lives. Mind body awareness joseph Pilates “the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”

Your body will have a better posture and proper alignment which improves your self-esteem. Look in the mirror – You will look and walk better as straighter and more confident with 2 inches taller!

Your joints will be more mobile and therefore help them feel better and prevent injury’s – not so stuff keeping fluid moving around them prevent stiff joints and less pain relevant for all ages!

You will feel more flexible as Pilates works on the stretch and increase of the muscles and range of motion within joints. Clients say they feel so much better and their body feels lengthened and lighter after stretching the muscles.

Your Pelvic floor is so important not just during and after pregnancy for women ALL their life. We need it strong to support our organs and prevent incontinence – if you have a slight leak when you cough of laugh you need to address this now – it means something is wrong – you may need to strengthen or relax other muscles so it can get stronger.

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